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Hey there!

My name is Amanda and I am a Michigan-based photographer. I love Jesus, my family, laughter, and making memories. As a child, I watched my sister shoot with the camera I first started learning on - she loved taking pictures of nature, and I was fascinated watching her. I eventually picked up the camera on my own and immediately fell in love. Being able to capture moments for my clients is beyond rewarding. 

There is so much beauty that lies within a photograph. The moment that stands frozen in the frame can hold so many meanings. The art of making those fleeting moments last a lifetime is what makes my heart smile. 

My goal with every shoot is that the clients would feel comfortable and have FUN. Laughter truly is the best medicine! I also love being able to connect with everyone I work with and get to know them. Building relationships is very important to me, and I would love to be friends beyond the shoot. I work to not only capture the posed pictures, but also the candid moments that simply cannot be recreated. I live for the silly giggles and funny faces!

Choosing me as your photographer will guarantee quality pictures, beautiful memories, and a session filled with laughter.

Let's capture life's beauty together. 

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